Brilliant High Definition Video Screens

  • Supervision LED Video Screens can be used in any situation, for any event. Each screen is modular, which means it can fit into any area or space. It can be shrunk for a small birthday party, or enlarged for a massive music festival. There is no event that we cannot attend.
  • These Screens are very durable and can withstand all kinds of inclimate weather.
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SMVST (Supervision Mobile Video Screen Trailers)

  • Supervision LED Screens are versatile and mobile. Our new SMVST is a turn-key solution that allows for extremely fast setup and tear down with a very small footprint. They are self contained mobile units that include all the necessary tools required to brand event sponsors with impact, essential for a world class production. Please contact us to find out how SMVST can enhance your event.
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Support Structures & Mounting Options

  • Supervision LED Video Screens are lightweight and versatile. This allows them to be suspended from any existing rated load bearing point, or by a truss structure. Supervision provides these truss structures free of charge in every quote to ensure there are no extra charges. With Supervision, you are guaranteed a complete, cost effective package for your event.
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» At Supervision we strive to stay ahead of the technology curve. We want to ensure you have access to top of the line screens and production support for any event, large or small.

  • High End LED screens
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Flexible, Modular Solutions
  • Full support lighting
    and audio support